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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

People around Kalamazoo often ask us to recommend other businesses for services in their home. Jeannie Cleaning has recommended many great businesses over the years and now we've decided to share more.

Jeannie Cleaning is proud to provide cleaning services to the Greater Kalamazoo area. We are often asked for recommendations for non-cleaning related services. We’re always happy to refer to other locally-owned businesses, and decided that it would be terrific to share our recommendations in a blog series….

In this installment, Jeannie recommends Dave’s Glass Service for all of your glass installation needs and so much more. Dave’s Glass is a true, family-owned business--Dave and Shari Groendyk are the owners and they’re thrilled that their son and daughter-in-law (Derek and Erica) chose to join them in business.

Dave’s Glass has been serving the Kalamazoo area since 1978, having gotten their start as automotive glass installers. Over time, their services have expanded dramatically--they now offer residential and commercial services to include shower enclosures, screened porches, cable railings, mirrors, commercial storefronts, glass railings, bathroom design and a lot more.

Dave’s Glass prides themselves on a team philosophy that allows them to achieve excellence in all of the services that they provide with an end goal of complete customer satisfaction. According to Shari, “the notion that our work is a reflection on us” has translated to a devotion to excellence; that devotion along with perseverance and work-ethic is what’s kept them in business and growing for over 41 years.

For nearly 35 of those years, Dave’s Glass has called Texas Township home and just recently moved into a brand new (absolutely gorgeous) space in the heart of Texas Corners (right behind the Ace Hardware). The Groendyk’s and all of their terrific staff love serving the greater Kalamazoo community and hope to have the opportunity to help our readers soon, too!

Thank you for reading this edition of ‘Jeannie Recommends’! As always, if you “WISH” you had more free time, call Jeannie Cleaning-- we’re here for you!

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